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The Business Babes Podcast

May 29, 2017

Renowned actor, choreographer, producer, and writer Darrin Henson and Basketball Wive's and business owner, Jackie Christie join Business Babes Yolanda Keels-Walker, Alycia Kinchloe, and Afea Tucker for a live taping of the podcast.

In this episode we discuss the business behind the flashing lights. Darrin talks to us about how you must be driven by your 'why" and how your customers are the key to your success.  

Jackie Christie is a serial entrepreneur with an organic clothing line, makeup line, cognac brand, and many more endeavors to boot.  We discuss how she balances her business and the demanding schedule behind her taping.  


Jackie's Books:

No Ordinary Love

Proud to be a Colored Girl

Visit to see all things Jackie Christie.

Darrin's Books:

Intimate Thoughts

Ain't That the Truth 

Visit Darrin's website to get more information on Darrin's workshopsand upcoming projects.